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Interview: Recruitment Predictions for 2021

Sydney spoke to TechRound, about what Loop Not Luck's recruitment projections are for 2021. Please see below her commentary on how she and Loop Not Luck believe the landscape will grow over the year.

Organisations Proactively Engaging Diverse Talent

“In 2020, countless companies made various commitments to diversity in the wake of the #BLM protests and calls for increased action on diversity across the board. With COVID-19 forcing all talent acquisition and recruitment efforts to be online, the companies that follow through on these promises will need to take a proactive approach to engaging diverse talent and will be using diverse data-powered online recruitment platforms to do so.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Talent Acquisition process

The use of data and AI is becoming an invaluable part of the recruitment process. Whilst there will always be a human element to recruitment, the automation of repetitive processes and the data that is gathered on candidates pre-interview is only going to increase as companies look for ways to make the most informed decisions and improve the efficiency of the recruitment process.”

To read what the other experts had to say check out the article here.

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