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Amy B.

Launchpad Programme - January 2022

“Before joining the launchpad programme, I was really overwhelmed and stressed about what I should do with my future. I honestly had no idea where to start or much confidence. Sydney's support, guidance and mentorship has been invaluable. I feel so much more confident in my abilities and future prospects and am now pursuing an exciting career path I hadn't even considered before!"



An Overview

Launchpad Career Coaching provides students with the guidance to help them understand their strengths, how the landscape is shifting and most importantly, how students/recent graduates should adapt and position themselves for success. We answer the question: 'What is next and how does this fit into the vision I have for my future?' 

Each programme is delivered via a series of 1-2-1 online zoom calls and does not focus on spitting out a generic career title based on 2D analysis of an individual. The primary objective is to give the student a 'toolkit' they can lean on for the rest of their career and an understanding of how they plan to fulfil their purpose and adapt in a rapidly evolving world.

Launchpad and Compass programmes are delivered by Sydney Samuels, who after studying English and Philosophy at the University of Sheffield graduated into an investment banking graduate scheme. She then worked in the Fin-Tech/start-up space before launching her own business helping diverse entry-level candidates access career opportunities. She is also on the board of the Careers and Enterprise Company's Youth Advisory Group as deputy chair; helping to steer and improve careers education at schools across England.  She has also mentored students across multiple disciplines for over 5 years.

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Includes: Express Career Guidance

This programme is delivered across four weekly

1-2-1 online sessions lasting 45 mins.

Perfect for students who need a bit of guidance and support to help them work out how to set themselves up for success and point them in the right direction.

This is a fast-track programme delivering expert advice and guidance to support students in identify their strengths, values and career preferences.

Helping them to understand what career paths are best suited to them and putting a plan together to take the appropriate next steps.

Upon completion, students leave with a newfound sense of conviction, an understanding of relevant career prospects and a framework to support the pursuit of their newfound ambitions.


Includes: Career Guidance, Mentorship, Skills Audit, CV & Cover Letter Creation, Industry Insights + Personal Branding Session

This programme is delivered across 6 weekly

1-2-1 online sessions lasting one hour.

All you need to identify, understand and equip yourself for a successful career. This course is perfect for students who are just about to complete full-time education or graduate from university.

This programme provides Career Guidance, Mentorship, Skills Audit, CV & Cover Letter Creation, Industry Insights, Personal Branding and commercial awareness training. Getting to know the student on an individual level, we identify and narrow down a career 'sweet spot' and develop a plan of action for career success.

This is a holistic and full-service programme developing students in areas that are crucial but commonly overlooked. This includes confidence-building, using weaknesses to your advantage, networking, online presence, research methods, interview preparation. All of which is tailored to the individual.



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